Samba extremely slow transfer

I setup samba, I am able to read and copy from the pi to my computer at about 12mbps, but copying to the drive hovers at 350kbps and then stops with a windows network error.

Has anyone experiences this issue?

I’m also not able to get over 12mb/s transfer speed on my rpi4. Connected via 5GHz Fritzbox only. I am using a usb3 hard drive.

Would be interesting which raw drive write speed you achieve and which network speed when transferring via other protocols, like NFS, SFTP or FTP.

This is the benchmark for my NTFS USB 3.0 hard drive I am using for samba and pulling files from:

And this is my SD card:

I am also facing some serious transfer speed issue, Can Anyone here help me to resolve this issue?

are you using an enclosure? usually speed issuses have to do with whatever your using to connect the hard drive to the pi and connect the pi to your network. two tips dont use wifi or extra adapters. sometimes adapters in between a cable can even limit speed. also trying different cables sometimes helps. had lots of hdd enclosures with bad/unshielded low quality slower cables.