Safe to update dietpi?

Hi everyone,

I’m fairly new to dietpi and as of a couple days ago have been seeing the notice to run dietpi-update to upgrade from 6.26.3 to 6.28.0.

My only question is how safe is it to run the update? Has anyone ever experienced issues where they can’t boot after an update, or anything like that?

I am using a raspberry pi 4 with /boot on the sd card, and then running the operating system from an ssd (root partition is on ssd)


In general terms it is always best to do a backup first - I’ve never had an upgrade fail but there is always the possibilty.

Use the dietpi-backup utlity first.


You can minimise the risk by applying APT package updates in the first place:

dietpi-services stop
apt update
apt upgrade
apt full-upgrade # Should not be relevant on RPi
dietpi-services start

Check whether all services start up and work fine. Then run dietpi-update, which does not do that much more then. On RPi4 v6.27 patch there is an EEPROM update included (onboard ROM with bootloader and USB firmware) but I haven’t heard of any issues with that so far and we use the same package and tool like official Raspbian.

Awesome, thank you both very much!