Sabnzbd error with share.

Hi there! I’ve juststarted switching my Sab/Sonarr installation to a Raspberry Pi 4. Sonaar works fine and sends an NZB to Sab, but Sabthrows an error. My incomplete folder is on a Seagate external network hard drive. The user acocunt for the drive is home password: password.

I have mounted the drive as /mnt/daisy/ and /mnt/daisy/incomplete is where files go whilst downloading. Sab makes an empty folder in there named correctly but then fails with a permissions error.

Where do I set Sab to access the mount with its user/password of home:password please?

I have been trying to chown my incomplete directory from dietpi:dietpi to sabnzbd:dietpi but it doesnt work…


you could change the mount option in /etc/fstab/ to have your external drive mounted with sabnzbd user/group permission

nano /etc/fstab

Also, which filesystem does the external drive have?
df -T /mnt/daisy

E.g. it is a known issue with mono v6 that it fails to write files to drives, which are not owned by the same user, even if mono/run user has write permissions. Buggy implementation there that has been reported and even a PR to solve it, but until now I was not able to track the fix down to some release.

I JUST started running into this with Sonarr and Radarr. Changing the user fixed it for me. Thanks MichaIng !