Rustdesk Server

Hi at all,

since AnyDesk, Teamviewer and alternatives are proprietary and expensive it would be great to get rustdesk server in dietpi.

best wishes!

Hi @naddel91: If you could install it manually on your system and generate a step-by-step instruction, we could put this quickly into a blog post and later on investigate on it whether we can put it into our dietpi-software installer script.
A contribution with this step-by-step instruction from you would be highly appreciated.

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will give it a go. after countless unsuccessful tries I finally got it working (with the help of the discord support).
rustdesk (2).txt (1,4 KB)

  1. I succeeded by installing portainer and getting the uploaded *.yml imported as STACK. the txt-file includes both version (x86 and arm), just use the one you need and copy/paste it into web editor (portainer).
  2. I had to forward ports 21115-21119 TCP and 21116 UDP on my router to the machine that is hosting the container with rustdesk (in my case a Virtual Machine where portainer runs in dietpi).
  3. then we need a DDNS and the rustdesk key file
  4. insert DDNS AND Key into both machines you want to use.
  5. profit! Own Relay Server should then establish the connection.

this is the source. it helped a lot:

Usually, we don’t offer Docker container as there is not that much we can optimize or automate. We aim more for native installations.

Here is the native installer: rustdeskinstall/ at master · techahold/rustdeskinstall · GitHub

Basically downloading three binaries and creating three services for them.

Please make a plugin for rustdesk, thank you.