Running on OLD version + downgrade microSD

I didn’t update my RPi Zero for very long time. It is just for Pi-hole. Nothing else for now.
It is telling me this: Run now to update DietPi from v6.34.3 to v6.35.0
I can see that there already are 7.x versions… So how should I approach this update? Is it even possible without totally breaking the DietPi OS or Pi-hole? :-/

And as I didn’t have any other microSD at the time of making this, I used 16GB card. Now I have 8GB and it is a bit wasteful to use that big of a card for this. Can I easily downgrade the card? I only did an upgrade and it wasn’t fun (my NAS was on the line). As I see it…it would be maybe easier to start from scratch and just install newest image of DietPi on the 8GB and go through the Pi-hole install over again.
I know that DietPi has some struggle with some things. For example I wanted OMV on DietPi, but I was advised against it as DietPi is too lightweight and I would have to bloat it.
Is this distro still viable for Pi-hole (and Unbound in future)?

Thank you.


DietPi is fully supporting PiHole, AdGuard Home and Unbound. All software title are available on dietpi-software. At least on actual version :wink:

OMV is a different story as it has quite some dependency for some core component’s DietPi did not use. You can’t compare it with PiHole.

DietPi 6.35 is just a technical release needed to introduce v7. Using dietpi-update will bring you to latest version. Your challenge might not be to update DietPi. It will be more the amount of apt packages you need to update first (included in dietpi-update. Usually this is a possible source for “challenges”.

As you running PiHole only. easiest might be to start from scratch and copy your PiHole configuration over.

Moving a system to a smaller SD card is possible, but whether easy or not depends on how the files are physically laid out on the filesystem.

On the running system, you can try the following, to reduce the root filesystem size to a minimum:

dietpi-services stop # better don't have many services running in the meantime
resize2fs -M /dev/mmcblk0p2 # minimise filesystem
df / # check new size

If the new size is smaller than ~7.5 GiB, you can reduce the partitions as well and then basically use some drive cloning tool to copy the raw drive content (not the files only, the partition table and filesystem meta data needs to be included, so really a cloning tool) from one SD card to another. You could also use our imager tool to create an image file from that SD card and flash it back to the new SD card:
But that requires another DietPi system to run the script on :wink:.