Running cloudshell on a 1080p screen - possiblity to see everything at a glance?

Silly question perhaps but while I was excited to see cloudshell start by default when I upgrade to 8.8, I was also taken aback by the fact cloudshell is designed for tiny LCD monitor, not 1080p screens.

I have a very small 1080p cheap HDMI display from amazon i use a monitor for my dietpi (since i have unbound and pihole running on it, it’s handy to tail logs from time to time).

I was hoping to be able to, instead of rotating a tiny less than a quarter of a screen display on a 1080p monitor, see everything at a glance on the same screen.

Is there any way to do this?

Thank you for this amazing project!

There is no option to configure screen resolution/size, if I’m not mistaken.