Run DietPi on Hyper-V Server?


This may sound like a daft question, but what is the best/easiest way to get a Hyper-V image for DietPi.

I have a Windows Server running Hyper-V with a few VMs already spinning, and I’d really like to get DietPi set up running as a lightweight download server (Deluge, Sonarr, Radarr & Jackett).

I have tried the usual conversion tools but none of these seem to work properly. I have also tried the the boot method to install the barebones image into a VM, but I couldn’t get the VM to boot from a USB drive to do the install. Are you likely to release a Hyper-V image along side Virtual Box and VMware?

I’d appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction to get this running.

Thanks muchly!



One of our users/contributors managed to get the VirtualBox image to convert to Hyper-V:

The only difference will be version number, change accordingly:

I lack any spare x86_64 systems to install Windows Server + Hyper-V at the moment. If one becomes available, i’ll investigate creating a Hyper-V ready image.


That’s great, thanks for the very fast response and this information - I’ll give it a bash!

Fingers crossed you can get some spare kit to roll out an official Hyper-V VM soon. I tried out your OS & apps in Virtual Box on my laptop and I’m really impressed!! I can’t wait to get it running permanently on my server.

Thanks again!


Adding to this :
Sytone’s blog - Getting a DietPi image running on Hyper-V
GitHub issue #804 - DietPi Image | HyperV

Unfortunately the conversion (Either from the VirtualBox or VMWare image) results in UUID mismatch- can’t run man fstab too.

NB : Aside from installing full distro and running the DietPi script, you can also import this bloated copy - 626 MBytes

I have a newer Hyper-V image here, build up from scratch. Didn’t test it much but ran good so far. Was made on hyper V as well natively. I can provide link by email e.g. hmm we don’t have pm function here right?

My linked image was also a Debian + dated March 26th 2018. But while having nothing installed, it ended up at 626 MBytes (The drive was set at 12 GB).

I think the ideal distribution method would either be Torrent or Google Drive link. If your image came out better / smaller than mine, I don’t mind hosting them on my Google Drive account / create a new torrent for it.