rtorrent settings not getting saved


First off thanks for making installing software’s this easy!

But after i installed rtorrent the settings will not stay the same after i reboot my Pi.(port not same, download place is wrong etc.)

I am using Rasberry pi 2.


Thanks for the report, possibly a permissions issue with “$HOME”/.rtorrent.rc and www-data user of rutorrent.
I’ll look into it, you can track progress here: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/543


Turns out, ruTorrent doesn’t have a feature of saving the settings: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/543#issuecomment-251106948

Well that sucks :frowning: So i can’t save any of the settings? Just like can’t install any plugins via dietpi console. (autodl example)

Not using ruTorrent. You’ll need to manually edit the config file:

#restart services with:
dietpi-services restart

As for plugins, looks like you can do it through ruTorrent and with some command line: Plugins · Novik/ruTorrent Wiki · GitHub


Seems like i am getting an error when i try to use that

root@DietPi:~# "$HOME"/.rtorrent.rc
-bash: /root/.rtorrent.rc: Permission denied

or am i doing it in the wrong place? I am in the dietpi’s default page

My bad, you’ll need to use a text editor such as nano. So the command would be:

nano "$HOME"/.rtorrent.rc

Make the change you require, then press CTRL+X to exit, press Y, then enter to save the changes. Then you can restart service with:

dietpi-services restart

Thanks for the help. Sorry for bumping the old thread, but don’t want to spam with new threads.

But i am having so much problems with rtorrent. When rebooting the server, all torrents just go to ‘Pausing’ mode after i want to start seeding them again…

Would it be possible to use some other client and easily copy all the rtorrent .torrent’s to it? Is would i still have this same problem.