RPiCam: Change Default Media Folder


I am looking to change the media file location on an RPiCam install. I read through the Software’s Wiki but I found that Diet Pi has it located within dietpi_userdata and I don’t want to break something.

Can anyone instruct me how to change the default video file location so that any recordings will be saved to, let’s say, an externally attached USB Storage Drive?

Thanks in advance!

basically 2 options just out of the box.

  1. change whole dietpi_userdata to your usb stick
  2. find out the folder of interest and create a symbolic link for this folder to your disk

Thanks - I ended up going with MotionEye, then setup a script to compile interval snapshots into an AVI file via a Cron Job.

I tried simply cloning the SD card to the USB drive, but the Pi Zero doesn’t like booting from a USB AND having a Pi Cam attached to it (not enough power even with a 2.4A power adapter).

I thought about a Symb Link, but it was just too much to deal with. I also thought about a syncing service, but again the Pi Zero would be running at 100% most of the time and that’s not what I want.

I’ll mark this as closed.

Thanks again.