RPI4 8GB installing Kod 18.9

Hello Together,

today i wanted to try to install DietPI which works until now great. I have Kodi and Nextcloud running / BUT i need Kodi 18.9. Is it anyhow possible to install that

I cannot use any other versions cause of my LiveTV repo


Kodi is installed directly from Debian/Raspbian package repository using apt.

If this version doesn’t fit, you would need to compile it yourself https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/blob/master/docs/README.Ubuntu.md

For 8GB boards, 64 bit DietPi / Reaspbian makes sense. Can utilise the extra memory above 4GB.

However, IIRC from recent trialling, the 64bit raspbian version of Kodi is 18.7 and may not be as well-behaved as the 64bit version.

Some details in this Issue may be of helpful perspective for you:


even on 32bit you are able to fully utilize a 8GB RPi4. There is no real benefit on 64bit over 32bit.

Really? I thought, at least a long time ago, 4GB was the 32bit addressable limit?

Then again, I am probably talking rubbish :slight_smile: Thanks for correcting me, I’ll adjust my post. Last thing anyone needs is more false information!

The 3GB limitation is correct for single processes. Means a single process can not take more than 3GB ram on a 32bit OS. But multiple processes are able to fully utilize a RPi4B 8GB without issues. But I’m still lacking the fantasy what process will take so much ram on a SBC? It could be a Java application, but would need to be a heavy one.

Java running out of memory? Never :slight_smile: