RPI Zero W + DietPi: bluetooth Low Energy

I have been trying to find a ‘tiny’ operating system to install on RPI Zero W in order to implement just a BLE to WiFi gateway and nothing more. No need for any other applications.

I need to setup BLE support and bluetooth dev environment too (to develop on python or C++)

Using dietpi-config I can see that bluetoth is On
On command line, I write:
Command not found…

Do I need to install Bluetooth support. I tried using dietpi-software but can see any bluetooth related package in there.
Please, How can I install bluetooth and bluetooth-dev packages on dietpi when running in RPI Zero W?

Thanks a lot
PS: As I cann foud out whic commnand shows the dietpi version, I can tell you that I have just installed it using the RPI version available on your website