RPi wireless print and scanner server


Issue: accessing scanner remotely without installing additional client software.
I didn’t want to add additional client software.
option 1. Is it possible to use avahi / AirPrint to access the scanner? Is there a similar mechanism for avahi to broadcast scanners as it does for printers?
option 2. install a web scan client such as phpSANE. lighttpd doesn’t appear to of created /var/www . Can I create this, or is there a different file structure under lighted?

I had a look at the following webpage which suggests phpSANE: https://extremeshok.com/6138/ultimate-raspberry-pi-lan-print-scan-and-pdf-server-cups-airprint-ipp-cups-pdf-sanescan-sanetwain-phpsane-scanner-webinterface-samba-remote-file-access/

I wanted to setup an inexpensive wireless print and (possibly) scanner server.

From a base dietPi RPi setup I selected and installed lighted using the diet menus and used apt-get for cups (print server) and sane (for scanner).
apt-get install cups
apt-get install sane

I didn’t want google cloud, so didn’t use the script provided in the config scripts.

cups works perfectly. it was easy to setup and then configure via the web interface.
Also ‘avahi’ appears to be downloaded with sane or already installed so AirPrint was enabled by default allowing Mac OS devices to use the printers from the print server.

sane works. could run scan image locally, and saned listening to specified port.


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found a docker that might help…

I use both CUPS and SANE for network sharing my printer which is a canon device.
For the frontend I use scanservjs which is quite good and easy to use.