RPI kernel update to 6.6

Raspberry Pi 1 B+

Kernel from 2024-03-15-raspios-bookworm-armhf-lite:
6.6.20+rpt-rpi-v6 #1 Raspbian 1:6.6.20-1+rpt1 (2024-03-07) armv6l

Kernel from my installation of DietPi 9.2.1 (Bookworm):
6.1.21+ #1642 Mon Apr 3 17:19:14 BST 2023 armv6l GNU/Linux

How to get the 6.6.20? apt update and apt dist-upgrade show no kernel updates.

It would be needed to migrate to new file system layout that has been introduced with RPI5 Image | Raspberry Pi 5: Testing and firmware migration script · Issue #6676 · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub

Pls read the warning message with care.

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