RPI Cam Control

I was looking for a simple ip-cam system en install rpi-cam Control on dietpi after updating the system.
The whole page is working but there are no pictures on screen or stored anwhere, the place where the pictures should be shown is continious blinking.
It seems that my can (V2.1) cant work with it?

In motionEye works it fine so tecnicaly its OK.

Anibody sugestions to solve my problem?

Hmm, if I see it right, it requires the legacy camera stack with KMS disabled. Is this true in your case?

grep -E '(vc4|start_x)' /boot/config.txt

RPi cameramodule start_X=1

so that’s not the main problem…
All the settings are standard.
it stops when i stop the Default-stream but after starting is happens again… :frowning:
Whyle blinking it shows the icon for not availeble pictures.

Hmm, does the browser console show any error? I’ll try to replicate with a USB camera (have no module here).

The html/cam_pic.php page cannot be displayed because it contains errors …

So i have to findout how to solve / edit this… :frowning:

I have the exact same issue.
Default Stream just says Loading
MJPEG Stream: