RPi Apt Mirror offline

Just Installed dietpi on my raspberry pi 1 with v150. After the initial boot and entering to dietpi-software, it said that there is no internet connection. It looks like apt-get mirror.ox.ac.uk is down or blocked, got 403 forbidden. Are there any mirror in US I can replace the /etc/apt/sources.list ?

Same problem here.

doing to ping http://www.google.co.uk and it shows its working.

Going to http://mirror.ox.ac.uk/sites/archive.raspbian.org/archive/raspbian


You don’t have permission to access /sites/archive.raspbian.org/archive/raspbian on this server.

Seems a bit of a bad design where one website going down and no-one can install anything ?


Hope dietpi can have more mirrors.

I had that problem yesterday, and was able to solve it. Go into dietpi-config, Network Options: NAS/Misc. Select Apt Mirror, then select an Apt mirror site that’s closest to your location. I’m in the US, so I selected the US mirror.

thx that works.