RPi 3B+ doesn't boot

Hi to everyone, I’m trying installing DietPi on my Raspberry Pi 3B+ but, flashing the last img with balenaEtcher, it seems to go fine but, when I plug my SD card into 3B+, it starts (its leds blinking) but doesn’t seem to do anything… It doesn’t give any feed via HDMI, ethernet’s leds doesn’t blink, I’ve also tried to check if there’s an IP address for it in my router (it is directly plugged via ethernet) and nothing… I’ve also tried to let it for a couple of hours, but anything seems to work.

Could someone please help me? Thx very much.

Which image did you use?
Other images like Raspberry Pi OS is working?

Does it have any blinking code of the green LED?

Yes, I tries other OSs like Raspian OS and it seems to work…
Honestly, I’m thinking it worked after manually rebooting about three times, but it worked! I’ve already tried to do the same with DietPi flashed on my SD but it didn’t worked! I’ve downloaded the ARM v6 version.

Honestly I don’t know, I’ll search for some kind of code, can you tell me where can I find it?

Usually you have the red power LED and a green activity LED. https://www.raspberrypi.com/documentation/computers/configuration.html#led-warning-flash-codes

Oh, thank you so much! I knew there was messages through these LEDs, but never looked for the interpretation honestly…
Anyway, it seems it makes 4 short blinks and one long, but I guess the last one is just an end blink because in the documentation you linked there’s not a one-long blink option… So, I guess the LEDs’ message wants to say " start*.elf not found", but the only thing I’m doing is flashing the img file downloaded from the DietPi’s official site… What’s wrong?

EDIT: I’ve checked better and it was 3 short blinks and one long. So, assuming the same before, it was a “Generic failure to boot”. I’ve tried the same to extract the SD to check if the start*.elf file was present (it was), plugged again into my RPi and now it’s working… but, I can’t say what happened… It’s about the 10th time I’ve rebooted…

probably the card was not plugged in correctly. Had something similar a couple of times. Just remove the card and plug it back :sunglasses:

Do you have any USB devices attached, and do you have a chance to try a different PSU or power cable? DietPi has initial_turbo enabled by default which increases power draw during early boot (but speeds up boot). This can cause issues with insufficient PSUs or 2.5" USB drives powered via USB only. To rule that out you could comment or remove the initial_turbo line in config.txt on the FAT (boot) partition.