RPi 3 to ASUS Tinker Board


I am currently setting up my environment on the RPi 3 and in a few days I will have the ASUS Tinker Board in my possession and the plan is to backup and restore to it.

RPi 3 is ARMv6 and Tinker Board is ARMv7, Will this be an issue? Or will the backup work fine as they are both on ARM architecture, I thought I would check before I continue any further with my project.


A dietpi-backup ?


Yes, it will simple not work. But you can easy test it. Nothing will get broken, it will simple not start up.

Aside from this, RPi based on “Rasbian” and Tinker Board on “TinkerOS” all based on “Debian” but with hadware specific closed source binary blobs in their special compiled kernels.
And ARM boards use different boot up sequence and routine, eg. Das U-Boot, because they have no BIOS or UEFI.

Thank you for the reply, I will give it a shot. Worst case scenario I will just copy the configuration files over first for hostapd and PHP and install the binaries.