RPi 3 running DietPi/PMS - can't see USB drive over network?

Hi all, I’m new to DietPi and just want to say it seems a fantastic piece of software. I’ve set it up on a Pi 3 and have so far installed Samba and Plex Media Server. I have a 4TB NTFS 2.5" drive connected over USB and that has all my media on it. When I setup my Plex libraries the drive showed up as its UUID handle, and let add all my media fine.

The problem I’m having is that when I connect to the Samba share using my laptop only the Pi SD card is visible. What do I need to do to get my USB drive to show up over the network?

Thanks in advance.

Hey there ~

As described here by our glourious system creator :wink:


You can change the default folder for the Samba share.
I’ve created a mountpoint myself, so i dont know where your HDD is mounted default. But i would guess its in /mnt/

Ahhh, I looked at that earlier but I didn’t twig. So I can just change the default path to /mnt/[UUID] and it’ll share my drive instead? I opened the Samba config file earlier and it warned to use DietPi to make changes, but I couldn’t find anything in the menus. Will give this a go now.

UPDATE: It worked! It was that simple. I was overthinking it because in the past (with Raspbian) I’ve had to create a directory and mount the external drive to that folder.

You can still do that like you did with Raspbian.
But our FourDee has made best affords to make it as simple as possible :wink: