RPi 0 W problems with 6.2

After upgrading to 6.2 my formerly rock solid RPi 0 is plagued with the most annoying problem possible. Its a headless setup and it just vanishes from the network: mdns discovery isn’t working, an ip scan of my network shows nothing and plugging in hdmi/keyboard gives no signal. Aside from the led on the rapsi it is as if it’s turned off. I’m now puzzled on how to solve this since the logs all are cleared with the next restart. Is there any way to troubleshoot what might be happening?

Well i guess that’s one of these hard to give any advice topics. All i found for now is turning on persistant logs and wait for the next crash. I also switched to a bench power supply and monitor the draw. I have still hope that someone has ideas on how to troubleshoot this. A watched kettle never boils i guess.

Enable WiFi monitor/reconnect, to automatically reconnect WiFi when:

  • Its dropped by the router
  • Lossless too much signal strength

dietpi-config > Networking Options: Adapters > WiFi > Auto Reconnect

Thank you very much, i will do that.

Offtopic: All the best and get well soon! I really love your work.