rP2 thinks that it is rP3


I have an SD card that I have been using in a rP3 and I’ve move it over to a rPi2. It seems to work OK as far as I have tested, but there are a couple of strange things. I’m using it headless through ssh.

  • login screen shows rp3 instead of rp2
  • I’ve added a wifi dongle. iwconfig shows wlan0 and wlan1. wlan0 is the dongle, wlan1 is unconfigured.

Suggestions? Will I run into problems somewhere else?


Hi Gordon,


rm /DietPi/dietpi/.hw_model
cat /DietPi/dietpi/.hw_model

If its still showing incorrect Pi model, please paste results:

grep -m1 'Revision' /proc/cpuinfo | awk '{print $3}'

My silly mistake. I thought that my second unit was a Pi2, but after looking at the board, I see it is a Pi3 as well. :blush:

Sorry and thanks,

No worries Gordon, I’ve done the same thing myself :slight_smile: