Roon Core can't recognize 2 Allo GUI Bridges at once.

I have two RPi DigiOne devices configured as Roon Bridges. They are running the new Dietpi Allo GUI. The Roon Core server is build 269 on Windows 10. Roon Core recognizes both of my DigiOne Allo GUI Bridges, but only one at a time. If either Bridge is on the network, Roon Core sees it and plays music through it. But if both Bridges are on the network at the same time, Roon Core sees at most one Bridge. Never both at once. I’ve tried “add network device” and this only offers HQPlayer as an option. “Scan for devices” doesn’t detect the other device either.
Each Bridge is a fresh install of Dietpi Allo GUI. Nothing was “cloned”. The devices have different IP addresses.

I have tried switching one of the RPi’s to run Squeezelite under Allo GUI, leaving the other RPi configured as a Roon Bridge under Allo GUI: In this scenario Roon Core sees both devices properly, and can play through either or both. I could go with this as a setup, but I prefer to have both RPi’s configured as Roon Bridges.

It seems to me that Core somehow can’t distinguish between the two RPi’s when they are both configured as Bridges under Allo Dietpi GUI.
Any help appreciated.

Hello @p-cubed, the above post is a while ago. I wonder if you’re able to figure out how to get both bridges running at once?