Rock64 pro boot issue (from sdcard)

Hi everyone
I have Firefly-RK3399 board i already download rock64pro dietpi version on my sd card but system opens from mmc card so I can’t boot from sdcard is rock64pro dietpi version is ok for this board?

Just a question, your system currently booting from emmc all the time. As well if a SD card is insert?

yes. 20 characters limitation

I guess you need to connect jumper correctly to boot from SD card Setup of Rock64 using the jumper-and-sd-card method to flash an eMMC. | Todd’s Technical Treasures

In the firefly wiki they write:

Firefly-RK3399 supports booting from the following storage devices:

  • eMMC

If this is true, you can’t boot from SD. This board also has no jumper to change the boot order:

It seem’s like the SD card slot is there for updating the firmware / write stuff to the eMMC.

Edit: In the wiki they have instructions how to update the firmware to use Debian and Ubuntu. Maybe you can install Debian and then run the Dietpi update script.

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yes debian running let me try dietpi update script thank you for your sugession.