Rock64 - Nextcloud - Very Slow File Transfer Speed


Thank you for bringing DIetPi to the Rock64 board.

I am using the latest DietPi release, as I just installed this 5 days ago. I have the 2GB Ram version of the Rock64 board.

I installed DietPi and then added the Nextcloud Server through the dietpi menu.

I am currently behind a firewall, but am not using the secure connections to communicate with the server, yet.

Speed example:
NextCloud client app on my phone and I’m trying to upload pictures from it to the NC server. 1180 pictures, each about 2mb. I started the transfer yesterday at 8pm, it is now 8AM and there are like 480 pictures left to transfer.

The transfer speed seems incredibly slow. The Rock64 is using a USB3 external drive to save files, but the actual DietPi installation and nextcloud itself is on an SDCard.

The CPU usage is never really above 5% during file transfers so I dont think its that.

Any ideas why this is so slow?