Rock64 - Kernel Panic

Dear, since the last versions I have had the following problem, at any minute my ROCK64 team launches a kernel panic, including at least the last 3 updated versions.
I appreciate any comment

Your kernel seems to be broken. Probably something went wrong on apt package update.

can you have a look if there is a chance still

You this happens form time to time or right at boot?

It is more common at startup, but it also occurs on other occasions, such as program installations or incorporating data such as emby or plex. In others when starting to install programs from zero in the first configuration.

Did you change something in /boot/armbianEnv.txt//boot/boot.cmd//boot/boot.scr? And can you show the output of:


I haven’t heard of such issue yet, but what you could try is to use a different CPU governor which changes the frequency less quickly. In dietpi-config > Performance Options > CPU Governor > conservative or even powersave, just to verify whether it has any effect. powersave means that the CPU is always running on lowest frequency, so not a great long term choice but wasting the possible capability of the SoC, but it applies a static CPU frequency. performance would do so as well, but constantly on highest frequency, so this causes likely temperature issues earlier or later, and is of course a power waste :wink:.