Rock64 + DitePi 6.20 image - stuck

Am I the only one that every time I need to re-install my DietPi I have to go to an older version, that luckily I saved 6.14, since 6.20 always gets stuck on different parts during installation? When it’s not on the firmware, it’s on a simple G_APT upgrade; it just hangs trying to reach that 6.21.1 somehow.

I have to install 6.14 and let DietPi do all it’s updates and it ends up at 6.21.1

You mean the current Rock64 image fails or did you update to v6.20 in the past and now updating to v6.21 failed?

The current. I downloaded last month, and it also did it. So I ended up just setting up my SD card from 6.14. Just today I tried 5 more times with a fresh download, and does the same thing. I have the Rock64 working on DietPi again, via 6.14, and it did all the updates automatically on the first boot; of course, at the end it said about how I will not have all the new kernel something… but at least it’s working again.

Okay, so it’s possibly due to the base image change we made from Ayufan to ARMbian.

As long as the old image works for you that is fine. Also the kernel version should be the same (4.4 on both). There were some other issues/limitations with the Ayufan-based image why Fourdee decided to switch to ARMbian.

I guess there is no real reason for you to retry the current image, but if you do, please paste the screen/console output here to allow us investigating the issue. Since it of course boots (and updates) on our testing machines, we can otherwise not help at all.

MichaIng Is there a method of manually switching back to the ayufan images? I’ve made a couple of attempts, but no success yet - though I am unfamiliar with how uboot works, so that’s not particularly surprising.

My RockPro64 has quite a few issues, even with ARMbian’s 4.20 dev kernel build. Namely, the CPU fan header doesn’t work, booting is not always successful (I need to do more testing on this), and some performance issues (that could be unrelated, but started at the same time I updated image from ayufan to ARMbian).

At least there is no clean way to switch between ARMbian and Ayufan images. Kernel and bootloader are set up differently and both have different firmware APT packages installed from different repos and other stuff spread around the system. Especially if you are not very experienced and happy with some tinkering, I would not recommend to try that.

Instead you could flash the current fresh Ayufan image:
The run our preparation script to turn into DietPi:

It expects an ARMbian image, so will purge the Ayufan kernel packages so either you need to reinstall them manually after the script has finished: apt-get update && apt install linux-rock64 (AFAIK this is the correct one, please verify on your Ayufan based system via dpkg -l if this is installed)
Or you add this install code to the script before running it, which is cleaner, e.g. at this line: