Rock64 DietPi with media center

Hey everyone,
So I just got my first SBC which is Rock64 2GB version. My first OS is DietPi because I read is simple to use for new users and have lot of functions. So my first intention was buy SBC because I wanted to build device that have NAS,VPN server function and torrent box , so I can reach my files in home network and when Im not in home then I connect to VPN and also can reach my files.
So at this point I started my OpenVPN server with Nyr’s script from github and works good. For now I just waiting to arive my 3.5" HDD external enclosure to connect my 3TB HDD to Rock64 via USB3.0. But I just wondering if I can use it also as media center and connect it to my TV and watch movies, youtube. I tried dietpi-software tool, but there is no KODI and as far I read at PINE forums there is no easy way to install KODI except use android (then I lose my main functions like VPN server, torrentbox,NAS) or use LibreELEC OS and I dont know if I will be able easy to setup NAS,VPN server and torrentbox. Is there any alternative for KODI that I could use on DietPi OS? I thought about PLEX but my TV is simple and dont have PLEX app or web browser so I couldnt reach my media files. Or maybe install desktop environment like MATE or else and then just buy remote with mouse function and open my media files like from simple dekstop…

I’ve tried android 8 on this board, it is not possible to use it, it seems there is no gpu drivers for 8, but it is for 7. I am also interested in mentioned scenario. VPN cpu problem solved. Just use wireguard. But I have no solution for kodi yet, with this OS.