Rock5b NVME Boot

Hello together , i just got my Rock5B and im very excited , however , im not able to boot Dietpi from a NVME SSD, my screen just stays black and the Rock5b does not seem to boot. Everything works fine when i run it from the Internal SD Card

So I Installed the “rock-5b-debian-bullseye-server-arm64-20230101-1209” Image and used the “Make your own distribution” script.

The script sadly give me this error

Unpacking armbian-firmware (22.11.4) ...^M
       │ dpkg: error processing archive /tmp/apt/archives/armbian-firmware_22.11.4_all.deb (--unpack):^M
       │  trying to overwrite
       │ '/lib/firmware/brcm/BCM4345C0_003.001.025.0162.0000_Generic_UART_37_4MHz_wlbga_ref_iLNA_iTR_eLG.hcd', which is also
       │ in package broadcom-wifibt-firmware 2.6^M
       │ dpkg-deb: error: paste subprocess was killed by signal (Broken pipe)^M
       │ Errors were encountered while processing:^M
       │  /tmp/apt/archives/armbian-firmware_22.11.4_all.deb^M
       │ E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

Maybe someone can give me a hint in the right dirrection to solve my error
Thanks :slight_smile:

hmm somehow the system is trying to install conflicting Debian packages armbian-firmware_22.11.4_all and broadcom-wifibt-firmware. Both seems to contain the same file BCM4345C0_003.001.025.0162.0000_Generic_UART_37_4MHz_wlbga_ref_iLNA_iTR_eLG.hcd

Maybe the broadcom-wifibt-firmware packages would need to be removed bevor starting the conversion? Probably @MichaIng has some other ideas.

The dietpi-installer will currently replace bootloader, kernel and firmware completely, so most likely, if NVMe boot doesn’t work with our image, it won’t work after dietpi-installer conversion either. If this is true, try with “22: Generic Device” instead to (hopefully) have all required packages auto-detected and not replaced.

I checked a bit in Armbian forum. Here a topic about NVMe boot with non-official Armbian images (a modified U-Boot): Armbian + EFI\grub + NVMe - ROCK 5B - Armbian Community Forums

So it has an SPI flash which enables NVMe boot. The SPI bootloader seems to be not able OOTB to boot those modified Armbian images, but the official one. At some page I see that extlinux seems to be used/necessary. It begins with EFI/GRUB combination, but with U-Boot it seems to work as well. I think I have to look at the armbian-install script about how they setup the NVMe disk (partitioning, in case boot config adjustments/extlinux) when used. Another source: Armbian + NVME = fail to boot - ROCK 5B - Armbian Community Forums

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: Kinda dissapointed since the nvme was a major point of buying the Rock5B
I guess is stick with a nativ Debian Server Image for now
I hope there will be a way to use Dietpi from the nvme in the future since im absolutly in love with dietpi