Rock Pi 4c MIPI DSI LCD Display

Hello everyone,
I’ve been using dietpi for a few years now on rpi 0w, rpi 3b+, rpi4, RockPro64 and lately on Rock Pi 4c.

Except that with the latter, I can’t get this screen connected in MIPI DSI to work. I read that HDMI and DP outputs had to be disabled to enable ports, but after several attempts, tried or not overlays, corrected in armbian.txt “rk3399-rock-pi-4.dtb” to “rk3399-rock-pi-4c.dtb” tried this, nothing is displayed.

I also came across these posts during my research, but there is not enough precision.

I hope that some of you have an idea, thanks to you.

PS: Obviously the screen works on rpi4 and dietpi at first glance.

Do you have any luck with the screens, I have the same problem.
7" toutch with dsi mipi.
no config for dsi in dietpi-config?

no proper overlay in bullseye (i think…?)

help would be nice…