Rock 5A Support

Is there going to be an image for the Rock 5A. Just got mine and tried the 5B and Rock 4 images and they don’t work. Was just wondering if there were any plans to support it.

actually not Image | ROCK 5A · MichaIng/DietPi · Discussion #6426 · GitHub

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Ah I see. That’s unfortunate. It’s a nice box cause it has the same form factor as the pi with quite a bit more oomph. Was hoping to replace the pi in my Argon EON. I still have use for it but sad it’s such a pain to develop dietpi for.

We are quite a small team with limited resources. As well it’s impossible for us to own each and every SDC available. Especially if it comes to device not used that often.

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I get it and I can still use it just with the main OS. I need the extra horsepower. Sitll using dietpi to run my DNS server on the RP4 that was in the EON, just moved that to a separate case. Was too underpowered for the backup server which is what the Rock 5a is doing now.

em… actually I had made the dietpi image for the Rock 5A… do you need it?


That’d be awesome thanks!

See if you can download this?


Hey I was able to grab it and get it installed last night. Works great. Thanks!

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Glad to hear that it’s working for you.
Be reminded that the GPU and NPU supports require Ubuntu environment.
However I am not able to incorporate them into the image and you are on your own. :smiling_face_with_tear:

+1 for an image for Rock 5 Model A

So will it be in the Rock 5B image?
(my rock is in shipping)

As I remember, the Rock 5B was already supported.
For Rock 5A, it seems not yet available in the upcoming Open Beta v8.22, so maybe you need to wait for official support.