Rock 4SE not working

OK, the problems with Raspberry pi supply chains did have me looking into this new competitor. Great reviews, good feedback, these guys at Radxa out of China are brilliant to have developed such a SBC.

I bought three 4SE boards, I got all three working ! But … not entirely. If I could pinpoint a single issue I would be asking for help, but I cant, as every time I started them up, a different problem occured. e.g. didnt reboot (required 5 to 6 tries with power plug reconnection). "sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade " failed so many times I could not count. HDMI connection, wifi connection worked, then it didnt, then it did, then it stopped altogether, requiring a new image flash of the uSD card.

I probably spent around 100 hours on all three boards before giving up. I thank you guys again at Radxa, but I would not be taking my consumer rights seriously if I didnt rate your product as “not ready for commercial use”.

I don’t know if there is a misunderstanding. But we at DietPi, have no relation to Radxa. We don’t sell any of these boards, nor have any commercial fee on our software. I’m not sure on what consumer rights you are talking. We from DietPi side provide a free to use open source software that can be installed, instead of any stock os.

If there are issues on DietPi, you could have ask for support on our forum or GitHub.

Heja Joulinar, you are correct, but no misunderstanding. I have posted this on other forums, and no, this is not anything to do with DietPi. Maybe inappropriate to post this here, but I just wanted to warn others that their product was not commercially viable, I know that the “whistle blower” can also get into trouble, but you know, I have a pile of electronic junk, which cost me 900 US$ , which is worthless as it just doesnt work consitently. I am not a newby to this, I have been using RPi for over 10 years

At least something that was not clear to me while reading the post first time. I thought it was some blame on us :smiley: