I just bought this new little board, the ROC-RK3328-CC from Firefly. I want to know if it’s possible to port DietPi for this. It accept Android 7.1 and Linux. It also have DDR4 and a USB3.0. It’s almost the same as the Rock64.


did you already tried the rock64 image?

Not yet, the package is still in the mail. I’ll test it as soon as I received it!

Has anybody got this to work. It does not do so for me. It just has the red and green leds on and goes no further. Any pointers anyone?

We have an unofficial Firefly RK3399 image as well. They share A53, could be tested as well: (ADMIN EDIT: Removed outdated link)

The unofficial Firefly RK3399 image looks like it needs building into a single image, that’s beyond me, but thanks for the suggestion.