Rm rf * inside directory

Hi, I was trying to delete all content from a folder which was inside a mounted device (mnt/data/downloads) and navigated to that folder and ran rm -rf * and immediately remembered that this could be the infamous command and cancelled it after like 5 seconds.

Everything seem to be working however I’m afraid I could have deleted any crucial files. Does this command run at root level or did it ran inside the folder?


You are safe, if you used it inside folder.

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Yes I did, but it was taking a while hence the reason why I’ve cancelled it. What does it do inside the folder?

Deletes everything, all folders and files inside.


Which folder where you in? I hope not


just as a hint, always use the full path while removing files/folder like

rm -Rf /mn/test/folder/to/delete/*
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He was in /mnt/data/downloads

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Ok, so I was doing the right thing anyway. That’s what I wanted but cancelled afraid it could possibly be using the root as path reference. :joy:

did this one on my real job as admin 15 years ago. :see_no_evil:

All it takes is one time…ask me how I know :smiley: