retropie start through putty when needed not every time

I installed retropie on dietpi by Fourdee instruction.

Thanks Fourdee & dietpi administrators for making a wonderful platform
#Autostart RetroPie on boot
echo 3 > /DietPi/dietpi/.dietpi-autostart_index
now retro pie autostart whenever my system reboot, I want to edit this way, I want my raspberry work as light as possible as server for other applications,. Please tell me the way if I want to initiate retropie I have to give some command through putty(other computer) to that machine & retropie will start & if system reboot, retropie component not auto start so that my server will stay cool with less active program. We use retropie once a month so it is not worth to run that in headless applications

I would also be interested. Have you found an easy solution to your request?

How are your performance with RetroPie on the DietPi?
Which model of raspberry pi are you using and which emulators (like psx or just snes)?


not sure if it’s working but I found following on the web

To switch to RetroPie at any time, simply use the command > emulationstation > from the Raspbian command line