RetroPie Memory allocation

I’ve installed RetroPie and I have looked at several guides all of which say I should change my GPU memory to 512. I went into Dietpi-config and there’s an option for Gaming but it’s at 256mb. How would I go about making it 512?

Thank you

As the RPi’s memory and GPU memory both share the same ram/bandwidth, sounds like a placebo if I’am honest.

I very much doubt any of the RetroPie emulators/games will use more than 256mb GPU memory, let alone 128mb. If the data (usually textures) cant fit on GPU memory, it will be stored in the same ram anyway.
I used to run quake3 on a 32/64mb gpu many years ago.

Regardless, you can set the 512mb value in:




Thanks for the reply.

I was thinking the same thing about 512mb. Don’t see any of the nintendo games being that demanding for memory. Most of the guides said PSX and maybe some N64 games.

Yep, mostly depends on the emulator and how efficient it is :slight_smile: