restore from backup

So I hosed my system (dont ask)…I have a backup on my Win machine…says its 14gb…I tried to move it to a 32gb flash drive…win reports file too large for disk…?.,looking around I dont see any faqs on how to to restore from backkup. Any help?

Can you be a little bit more specific on your backup. Is that an image file or backup folder with all files in it?

its a backup folder…

you can’t simply copy files on a windows box. Usually you should not be able to read the file system at all on your windows computer as DietPi is storing backups on a linux file system only. Where do you have the backup stored? on a USB disk/stick or directly on windows?

Its on a Win box, I cant recall how I backed it up. Maybe thru etcher or maybe thru dietpi? It was awhile ago. The files are not visible in Windows… hmm

**edit so im digging around my hdd…I find anotther folder “PiBackup” 29gigs ,also cant move to a 32g drive

Of course you can’t move it to your SD card. Usually your card should have to partition. First one is the BootFS. This one is has a vfat file system and windows is able to read it, but it is 250MB only. The larger part is the 2nd partition RootFS, which is a ext4 Linux file system and not readable on windows. You could open window drive manager to verify it.

Anyway if you are able to read the backup files on windows. I mean the real folder and files, the backup should not be usable anymore as you probably lost Linux user permissions as well as Linux symbolic links.

Can you probably do a screen shot from your backup folder? Maybe we misunderstood on what backup folder means and what file format it has :sunglasses: