Restore data from baikal after system was broken


after an upgrade to buster I broke my system (see Now I did a clean installation and everything works fine again except for baikal: I am not able to restore the data (which is a huge problem for me as a lot of data on my mobile phone is lost).
The good thing is I have a backup of the old dietpi-installation. My idea was to install baikal and afterwards copy the “baikal” folder from the backup to the new system (/mnt/dietpi_userdata/mysql). But this seems to be a stupid idea as it does not work.

Any idea?

The backup you have done, was this on Buster or on a different version?
You know use Buster or Bullseye?

There are a couple of post at the baikal GitHub about how to restore. It looks like you need something more than just the database files. I guess you would need as well config files

probably you would need to copy whole folder for database and baikal. Because configuration contains some encryption password as well.


Ok, I am having progress. I did the following steps:

  1. Delete /mnt/dietpi-userdata/mysql and copy the old mysql folder from the backup to /mnt/dietpi-userdata
  2. Delete /var/www/baikal and copy the old baikal folder from the backup to /var/www
  3. dietpi-software reinstall 57 82 84 88 89 (otherwise I get a failure when connecting the baikal page)
  4. Accessing http://<your.IP>/baikal/html to access the setup page.

This works and finally I am able to sync my caldav and carddav data again.
Thanks for the help!

ok perfect that this has been working. :slight_smile: