Restore backup of ARMv7 to ARMv8

I was running a Raspberry Pi 2 with ARMv7, but freed up a Pi 3B+ I had been using. Would there be any problem restoring a backup of the Pi 2 to the Pi 3 running a fresh install of ARMv8, or am I better off getting everything set up fresh?

Alternatively, is there any actual advantage to running ARMv8 on a Pi 3 vs ARMv7? If there’s not I’ll just put the SD card from the Pi 2 in the Pi 3. I saw on another post that would work fine.

you are not able to restore a 32bit backup on a 64bit system. This will damage your entire installation.

Personally, there is no real benefit between 32bit and 64bit. If there is no real need, like an app who need 64bit, your are fine continue running 32bit.

Thanks! That seems obvious now haha