Restore back up from Odroid N2+ to Intel Nuc?

Hi I am currently running Odroid N2+ with 16gb Orange PCB eMMC and 32gb micro sd ( for backup ) , I just purchased a Brand new intel Nuc board ( BKNUC8V5PNB ) i5-8365u for $99 , I am using a 90watt universal power adapter and installed 16gb ddr4 and 1tb nvme .

Because I created few backup files (backup files in micro sd card ) on my N2+ and now i want to move to the Nuc board , is that possible to restore n2+ backup to nuc board ? both system are 64bits ?

Simple answer NO

Both systems running different architecture. ARM vs x86

You would need to create a new installation. But it should be possible to copy some configuration files.

Thanks Joulinar , Guess i need to do fresh installation on Nuc board then or should I wait for the new image Bookworm with php-8 (for nextcloud) ? or i can upgrade bullseye to bookworm without re-format again ?

We offen Bookworm images already for testing

We have a pre-alpha (experimental) script to upgrade from Bullseye to Bookworm automatically :wink:

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