(resolved) Login welcome message

I have tried this wonderful distribution, well done!
How could I modify the message appearing aftern a succesfull Telnet login?

You can modify /root/.bashrc to change what occurs during each login. Please see this page for an example.

Thanks for the response. Your suggestion is, I think, better suited to more demanding changes, I only need to change the message after a successful login, nothing else.
Is there a file I need to edit for this?

Thanks in advance.

As my previous post, you need to edit the /root/.bashrc file. Please try the following:

nano /root/.bashrc

At the end of the file, add a new line and add the following:

echo -e "Hello, this occurs during login."
echo -e "This is another line of text"

Save and exit nano:

  • ctrl+x
  • press Y, then Enter

The next time you login, you will see your message displayed.

If you plan to remove or modify the DietPi login banner, you’ll need to figure that one out yourself :wink:

Works! Many thans once more.