(resolved) Kodi + Transmission Installation Problems

Hey there;
I tryed to install Kodi together with Transmission. Followed this https://dietpi.com/forum/t/step-by-step-guide-dietpi-kodi-bittorrent-combo/23/1 guide
Kodi is selected for autoboot.
But Kodi cant start, getting below message

boot/dietpi/login: line74: kodi-standalone: command not found

Seems there’s problem on Kodi installation.

Besides, also have below message for FTP server
FAIL startpart: service(S) returned failure: proftpd … failed

Couldnt even try tranmisson hopefully it works.

Your helps will be appreciated

Pay attention: I’m linux noob

Hi ynsymnr,

Thanks for the report. I need to get some extra details on your system.

Please could you complete a DietPi-BugReport:

  • run dietpi-bugreport
  • Follow the onscreen instructions
  • Paste your Reference CODE in your next post.

Kind Regards,

Ah, I already did it before my first post here. But, dont have ref code.
Will do it again…

Hi Ynsymnr,

I’ve found your bug report. It appears Kodi and Transmission are not installed on your system.

I think you may have pressed ESC during your software selection, please try the following:

  • type dietpi-software and press enter
  • select “DietPi Optimized Software” and press enter
  • Use the up and down arrow keys to find Kodi and Transmission from the list.
  • Press the space bar to select the software for install. It should be a [*][/color] when its selected.
  • When you have selected both Kodi and Transmission, press the Enter key (not esc)
  • Navigate to “Go Start Install” and select “Ok” to begin.

After the reboot, Kodi and Transmission will now be installed.

Hi Dan;

I have sent another bug report but dont care that.
Didnt see your message before creating.
Will try your suggestion.

Thank you

Hi Dan;

Your suggestion did work.
I had also problem for ProFTP but solved it.
NOw I should configure both Transmission and FTP parameters.

Thanks a lot


Now I have another issue.
I would like to configure transmission for downloads and web access.
But I cant give default sudo comments which transmission using.
It sais “-bash: sudo: command not found”

Also, I need to generate a folder for downloads which looking to external hdd.
So that means I need to mount my external hdd as well.

Transmission is automatically configured, setup and optimized for you. Simply go here for the details.

During 1st run of DietPi:
There is a prompt to ask you if you would like to use a dedicated USB HDD. If you said yes, the download folder is /mnt/usb_1/downloads.
If on the other hand you didnt, you will need to rewrite a DietPi image and select “Yes” during 1st run setup. DietPi will then install transmission to use your USB HDD for downloads.

Thanks for answer Dan.
Yes, I said no that option without knowledge of it’s purpose.