(resolved) DietPi-Ramlog custom logfiles

Bit of a newbie one from me…

I plan to use packages such as iperf, and save results as logfiles. Also some python scripts generating own event lopgs. Is there anything - such as a particular file location I need to use? - My DietPi system logs go to Ramdisk and are backed up hourly. I don’t expect to loose logs as the system is battery supported with a graceful ‘shutdown -h’ on extended power failure.

Hope that makes sense.

Hi Aidan,

If you want to allow DietPi-Ramlog to backup and clear your extra logfiles:

  • Make sure your using DietPi-Ramlog Mode #2
  • Then point your custom log files into /var/log. eg (/var/log/mylogfile.log).

If on the other hand you want to keep the contents of your extra log files untouched, for testing, or any other purpose:

  • Change the location of your custom logfiles so they are not inside the /var/log folder. (eg: /root/mylogfiletests.log)

Kind Regards,