(resolved)BitTorrent downloads to NAS.

I have the Buffalo LS421DE NAS server with 2x3TB server drives. It also has Bit Torrent installed, but I don’t want to use it.

Long story short, I have a VPN (script programmed into the router – NETGEAR R7000) and the LS421DE doesn’t like hiding behind a VPN as otherwise, I can’t remotely connect to it. Right now, I’ve shielded my NAS address from the VPN so that I am able to remotely connect to it, but my Bit Torrenting isn’t then private. I understand that there is, apparently, a way to use Bit Torrent while still hiding behind my VPN and still be able to remotely connect to it, but although I am more than a beginner with Linux, I definitely do not know how to program this feature. So, as a quick fix, I’ve decided to use the Raspberry PI 2 and have that go through the VPN instead. Besides, I like the idea of keeping everything seperate.

So, with this all in mind, I want to use a folder on my server drive in my LS421DE as the PI 2’s Bit Torrent storage location (via ethernet, not USB) as opposed to using an external drive via USB. Cos, why would I need to buy another drive when I already have 6TB’s just sitting there…

Is this possible and how can I achieve this?

I initially installed the PiHole-DietPi image file and then installed the BitTorrent program using the transmission version.

Any help would be greatfully appreciated…

Hi Buffalo,

Setting up a NAS mount in /etc/fstab and using it for your transmission downloads shouldn’t be an issue.

I will need to look into this over the next few days (when I have some free time). I’ll then get back to you with the steps required to setup your system.

Wow, that was quick getting back.

Thanks, I look forward to your input…

Using the specifications page as a reference, it turns out you can mount this with Samba client (CIFS).

Install and Setup samba client:

  • run dietpi-config 8 1 (loads networking menu)
  • select “Samba client” from the list (if its not installed, do it now and reselect “Samba client” to enter the details)
  • Follow the onscreen instructions. You will need the IP address, share name, username and password.
    If the above is successful, your NAS will be mounted as /mnt/samba. Stats will be shown at the top of dietpi-config. Exit when completed.

To change the Transmission settings to use /mnt/samba:
Create a folder to store downloads:

mkdir -p /mnt/samba/downloads

Point Transmission downloads to the new filepath (/mnt/samba/downloads):

service transmission-daemon stop
sed -i '/"download-dir":/c\"download-dir": "'/mnt/samba/downloads'",' /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json
service transmission-daemon start

Worked like a dream. Thanks very much. Appreciate the quick response and the fantastic help.

DietPi RULES!!