Resolution switch to 4k crashes

Hi all,

Playing around with dietpi on my oDroid C2 - wondering if it could end up being a cheap-to-run ‘browsing’ desktop for my study.

I’m running it on a 16Gb eMMC card. Installation appears to go fine; I get through to login and all options are available to me.

However, if I select dietpi-config and switch my display output to the top 2560 4k (listed as recommended by the system), and reboot, I get a blank screen and no video output. Zip. Nada. I’ve tried SSH’ing to the C2 to see if there’s life there but I can’t.

Any suggestions on why this could be happening? I’m typing this in a Windows desktop on the same Dell LCD monitor, running a resolution of 2560x1440. I’ve also tried different HDMI cables but it doesn’t seem to make any difference either.

Hope someone can help.

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Hmm from what I see in our code is that ‘2160p 60hz’ resolution is offered, but not 2560p (if this even exists). Note that 2160p is not a resolution of 2160x1xyz but 3840x2160 (19:6), does your monitor support that?

However even if you monitor does not support the resolution, the C2 should still boot and allow SSH :thinking:, however try it out with fitting resolution first, e.g. you can edit the boot.ini on the fat partition of the SDcard from an external system, then plug back into the C2 and try to boot, hopefully with again HDMI output then.

Hi there,

Thanks for the reply. I think what’s happening is that although DietPi is recommending 2160p at 60hz, my monitor isn’t capable of supporting it. I run a separate W10 install on this monitor at 2560x1440 - so I don’t think 3840x2160 is all that realistic!

What I can’t understand, though, is why there’s no option to just use all of my monitor’s available screen area - so no option for a 2560x1440 resolution? It’d make a big difference when it comes to running a desktop environment, obviously. Is there somewhere in that boot.ini where I would specify this resolution? Is that what you mean by fitting resolution?

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AFAIK the “recommends” are just added to all 60Hz resulutions sinze 60Hz is native for most monitors. However indeed it is misleading, and 1234x345 like menu entries would be nice.

Yeah in most cases we just show an often used share of possible resulutions, if there’d be a nice way to automatically show supported resolutions for the current monitor, we’d go with this. RPi e.g. ships some tool which we’re going to implement with v6.27, but not 100% sure about a reliable option for Odroids.

Finally you can always edit /DietPi/boot.ini manually to set a custom resolution.