Resinizing USB drive with dietpi-drive_manager

Hello, I just set up USB Boot on a Raspberry Pi, I imaged the SDcard to the USB stick and it is using the old partitions that are half of the size of the USB stick.

I tried the following to increase the site, but I do not see an option to increase the save of the drive when I select the drive. the partition is vfat.

“Resize the drive. After flashing a 32GB microSD card, the 256GB nvme stick was only recognized as a 32GB partition. Open dietpi-drive_manager and select the partion and resize it. dietpi-drive_manager hung for what felt like a few minutes the first time.”

Am I missing something obvious or is there a way to do this via CLI?



you should have 2 partition on the USB device. The vfat partion should be the BootFS and it’s fine. There is no need to resize. The 2nd partition should be ext4 RootFS and this one would need to be changed.

Total NooB move on my part. I didn’t check the other partition.

resized and working perfect, Thank you!