Resilio Sync

Hello everyone,

Can we have Resilio Sync added to the list of the available software of Dietpi?
Installing this on a Raspberry Pi is cumbersome and prone to various errors.


anyone? I’ve followed this guide but doesn’t work. I suspect because I use root as user, but I wouldn’t know how to change that.

Since this is the part to request things for the DietPi i don’t feel well to troubleshoot your installation routine :ugeek:
But i can say, resilio-sync installed just fine with my RPI3.

Tested the install. Could use the web interface and stumbling around. Seems okay to me. :bulb:

correct, this isn’t the place to troubleshoot. Thank you for making me notice it.

Anyway, it’d be nice to have in as an option in the install software list.

Oh wow…looks like a VERY cool application!

I second the request…it could be used as a cloud server like dropbox and nextcloud easily

it’s similar to syncthing, but working [sorry] and less complicated.

Try adding user rslsync and add to sudo

sync service automatic startup as user rslsync

Run as rslsync user:

sudo service resilio-sync start

sorry, that didn’t work for me.
can you elaborate?


*I am very frustrated with this. This should be easy as cake but for this user permission problems everything gets complicated and difficult to replicate. I need the community support for having it integrated into the standard software. Thanks


I managed to make it work by changing the owner of the folder to the Resilio Sync user rslsync with the command

chown -R rslsync folder_name

Thank you. Although, I would still like to be baked into DietPi.

Resilio Sync is not really secure.
Syncthing does the same thing but it’s fully open source, so there is much less concern for security of your data.
May I ask you what’s not working for you? I’ve been running syncthing almost since the start of the project, and it’s been working very well for years (just a few sync conflicts every now and then, but this is due to my specific configuration, actually).

What exactly makes you say that Resilio is not secure? Maybe the fact that’s free but not open source?

I don’t wanna use syncthing, because I don’t like it’s name, because it’s not available on my mobile phone, because it’s slow the times I’ve tried and more importantly, because I am definitely not interested in using it.

Having said that, every installation I did on the raspberry pi has resulted in a mess of permission/users problems. Since I’m not that skilled, especially with the command line, I’d like the choice of having it integrated in the DietPi available software list.

DietPi has the opportunity to standardize it’s installation and to solve frustration.

Thank you for your reply.

Woah… Take it easy, man!
You are entitled to install anything you want on your boards, no one will try to stop you. :slight_smile:
But still, Resilio Sync is a proprietary software and for this reason you have to trust it blindly, since no one will ever be allowed to check whether what they promise about the privacy of your data is actually true. You are going to entrust a third party with all of your files without any control over how they are going to be treated.
This is the definition of INSECURE.
If you are OK with this, just use it, no problem. But please allow me to say that choosing a software for its name and/or the interest you have in learning how to use it does not sound as a good reason to me.
Syncthing does not need you to have any skills in using the command line as it’s all GUI based, therefore I am not really sure we are talking about the same software here :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, considering what you wrote earlier in the thread, it does look that Resilio is not working “out of the box” either, as you had to change ownership and other settings, which is exactly what could happen in syncthing or any other linux software on earth, for that matter. Still, syncthing is already integrated and installable in DietPi, and this would avoid any of this work to be done. That’s why I was suggesting it: it does the same things as Resilio Sync, it’s open source and more secure, and it’s already available in DietPi… This sounded like a great solution to your “problem”, to me. I see it is not, ok. I don’t agree, but we don’t have to all have the same opinions.
Anyway, Fourdee is the King here, and he’s the only one who can decide whether to add a new software to the installation list, so just wait for his decisions.