Resilio Sync Installation


I have managed to install Resilio Sync by following the guide at
The service starts, and I can see the GUI.

The problem is that following the mentioned guide the service gets installed with the root user.
This creates a problem when the user is asked where to place the Sync folder, as it presents the
/home/rslsync/Resilio Sync/ option, but of course that folder does not exists…
and creating that folder (or a similar one in /home/dietpi/) leads to generate a permission error, fixable only by chmod 777 the new folder.

It doesn’t sound right to me, would anybody suggest a better way to deal with this?


systemctl --user start resilio-sync

You should be ok if you employ the user option, although that depends if you have distro support -Centos and company @7, do not.

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edit: start/enable