reset ssh pasword for DietPi

Afeter installing log2ram I cannot login over putty with root and my password
I’ve tried:

  1. switching, physically, keyboards and languages on winOS
  2. booting in live linux, and method 2 with my SD card, with shadow file, even with shadow-
  3. even deleting both shadow files.

and it keeps asking me for password when trying to login over putty as root or dietpi…

Is it possible to solve this?


there is no special SSH password. It’s the normal OS user pw. Do you still have access to your device? I mean attach a keyboard and login?
BTW: why did you installed log2ram ?

I have access. I tried with keyboard, and monitor attached to PI to login, but I failed. I will start from scratch.
Can you make some tutorial how to reset the password, with shadow file, and PIN it on forum, please?


merry Xmas first of all.

Why do you like to reset your password if you start from scratch?

Not for me…for anyone other that came to similar situation, where you are locked out from your DietPI and you have set it up completely. If you know the procedure, why dont share?

well I don’t know a method an I never tried it. However I searched the web and found following.

Method 2 seems to be a good approach