REQUEST: YaCy Search Engine

I can never sufficiently express my gratitude both for DietPi (which is now on all my Pis and my OrangePi too - but also for the inclusion of a C-based Minecraft client. That was a lifesaver! Like Minecraft this is also in Java (ugh) but it’s the best I can find so far. Michael seems a decent sort but is unable to justify recoding this in C (or RUST).

YaCy (odd name) is a decentralised search engine. A private “google” and by that I mean VERY private. Google has, to me, become something of a cancer. The nice face of free software and patron of many open source projects is also intruding into every aspect of our lives. If you have an android device, for example, everything you do - including the websites you visit are sent home to Google. Check it out - I’m not joking.

Every search you make is recorded and identifiable. Now I don’t care what you want to search for (keep it legal though!) but that’s no business of Google’s or anyone who fancies poking around in there either. It seems to have spread like a virus… so, getting our search privacy back is important which is where this comes in.

Props to Daniel and the team for the best all-round server distro for these little boxes.

Hi there,

I think Searx is the better solution if you want to host a search engine by yourself:

I run a instance by myself and I’m really satisfied (speed, search results and so on) - especially that you can choose which search engines will be used wihtin searx.

From the website/git-project:
Searx is a privacy-respecting, hackable metasearch engine.

And here the installation steps:

Greets Michael

Hi Michael,

yeah, I looked at it while I was researching this stuff. While Searx is a nice solution, it’s still limited to other search engine’s results and effectively at their whim.

Now I fully support the addition of Searx to DietPi, obviously this is all down to Daniel ultimately anyway, because it’s another solution that puts a little bit of distance between us and the cancer of American corporate interference. (I know the US invented the Internet but it belongs to everyone now and I resent how much control Google in particular has over what we see.) Google has almost become the largest surveillance system the world has ever seen and unlike GHCQ and Prism, most of us don’t even seem to mind that it watches our ever move.

YaCy pushes the Pi too hard for daily use so until I can get that under control I’ve had to take my appliance offline. However, I’d happily use DietPi as a search appliance any day of the week: and I think to get the democracy back, more of us really need to do just that.

EDIT: come to think of it, since I’ve got a spare machine waiting for a decent heatsink to arrive, I think I’ll give Searx a crack since it’s obviously better than using Google. Seems the installation is a bit of a PITA, but this is where Daniel’s expertise comes in! :slight_smile:

EDIT2: Got it working after a fair bit of swearing and some Homer Simpson moments - definitely a worthy addition I would agree - although since it requires NginX (I prefer Lighttpd, but that’s me) it might need some tinkering to make things work together. Once again, this is really Daniel’s territory but it’s nice to give another little bit of Google the bird!

Hi marcdraco,

great that you got it working :smiley:

Just for those who are also interested in using Searx: You can use also Apache2 (as I do) to run Searx.

There is no need for the Nginx-Webserver.

If you are interested in seeing how Searx is working, have a look at the Searx instances:

Greets, Michael

Saw that you don’t need nGinX - I chose it to keep the load down on the system. Lighttpd is better still but I don’t know how to configure it to work with Searx. All that said, I’m delighted that it works. Anything to put another wall (cough, cough) between us and Google’s surveillance operations is a good thing.

I wish there were more people using DietPi - hopefully that will change in future.

YaCy Search Engine

Me too. That means: Yes, me too; I think that YaCy is the best Open Source Seaarch Engine implementation out there.

Give it a try; you will become a believer. If you do know everything that there is to know about internet or intranet or private LAN space search engines or even if you do not know; This is the one that does it all.

Offered for your consideration.

I have it running on a single core Raspberry Pi B+ (ARM6 512 RAM 700 MHg) It is slow but it does not crash or stop.

And I have it running on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (ARM8 QuadCore 1GB RAM 900MHg) Absolutely Creamy Smooth and fast.

And it is all your own show from start to finish.

Yes of course it runs on bigger machines. But who wants that. They have to be turned on all the time to do any good.

The RaspberryPi 3 is connected to my cable modem and runs 24/7 for a marginal cost of ZERO…

I would like very much to see it offered as available on the list of pre-configured DietPi Software.

Best Regards from the center of the MultiVerses

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the request and showing your interest. I’ll try and get it added for v147: