[Request] WiFi WPA2-Enterprise Authentication Support


I use my DietPi powered RPi2 in school where i need a Username / Password Authentication to access there WiFi. I don’t have a Desktop Environment. I use PuTTY to access it via SSH. I don’t need a Desktop Environment as i have it actively running as a WebServer. All i have and need is the LASP stack, GPIO, DietPiCam and PHPSysInfo. All this doesn’t require a Desktop Environment on the Pi.

My current workaround is using a Patch Cable even though i have an Edimax EW-7811UN Wireless USB Adapter.

Is it possible to implement that Function in the current WiFi Setup?

I am thinking about something like this:

Scan for Wifi > Choose the school Network > DietPi automatically figures out that this Network has a Username / Password Authentication > Enter Username and Password > Access Internet > Do great things.

Come back Home where only password is needed:

Scan for Wifi > Choose the Home Network > DietPi automatically figures out that this Network has a Password-only Authentication > Enter Password > Access Internet > Do great things.

Is this Possible?


Remember multiple WiFi SSID’s, auth details and auto connect when found? Not currently.

I’ll add it to my list.

Thanx for your response Fourdee.

Remembering might be a good feature but not exactly what i meant.

What i am looking for is the Username / Password Authentication.

Normal WiFis just need a password.

But some WiFis such as my school require a Username AND a Password.

Each student has his own WiFi login details. There is no unique username or unique password. Just a unique SSID.


The current DietPi WiFi Setup only asks for a Password not for a Username. That is what i mean. DietPi WiFi setup should automatically figure out whether a Username is needed or not. If yes, than also ask for a Username not only password.

Windows can differ the authentication process. The Picture above shows the Username and Password Authentication. The Picture below shows the Password-only Authentication:

This is what DietPi does now. I am asking you to add the ‘Username and Password’ Authentication to the WiFi Setup.

I hope this didn’t confuse you.

EDIT: As Pilovali pointed out, the term i was supposed to use is WPA2-Enterprise Authentication.

Interesting link: https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=44029

DietPi currently only supports standard WEP, WPA and WPA2 Personal out-of-the box. I think it’s possible to set it up manually.

Ah, now it makes sense :slight_smile:

Interesting link: > Raspbian WiFi on WPA2 Enterprise - Raspberry Pi Forums

+1. Will take a look tomorrow.

Ok, as per this list, we should be able to add your username and password into your networking file.
I’ll need you to test this on your network (during break time :slight_smile:) before I can implement it into dietpi-config.

Add the following lines to /etc/network/interfaces

wpa-identity MyUserName
wpa-password MyPassword

Example wifi:

# Wifi
auto wlan0
iface wlan0 inet dhcp
wireless-essid FuzonWifi
wireless-key KEY
wireless-mode Managed
wireless-power off
wpa-ssid FuzonWifi
wpa-psk KEY
wpa-identity MyUserName
wpa-password MyPassword

Then test with:

ifdown wlan0
/etc/init.d/networking reload
ifup wlan0

Let me know what happens.

Edit: Added wpa-password