Request: Ways to Scan Documents


I’d like to make a request please.

I need to have dietpi have scanning capabilities that are tested and part of the included list of optimized softwares.

I’m trying to have my Epson L360 to work as a scanner as well.

I’m able to have the printer working, but not able to scan. I need to unplug the printer and plug it to another PC under windows.

I remembered, there was a way but I was not able to have it working. This time, I am afraid to install a software not optimized for dietpi.

If you guys have something useful of way to have it working please let me know.

Something we don’t offer as software option. Probably you would need something like sane (Scanner Access Now Easy)

But I never did something like this myself as my HP MFP is providing network scanning capabilities by its own.


Thanks for the reply. That is exactly the application I was referring to earlier, but to no avail.

The idea I am planning is quite similar to yours, the only difference is that the Epson L360 is not a network printer. That is the reason why I need a rpi to act as a network server for the printer to be available via network.

Are there plans to add this feature for dietpi?

Nope something like this we don’t plan to implement in near future.

You can install nextcloud and install scanner app within nextcloud.
But not nextcloud in docker, scanner app won’t work in docker since it cannot find scanner in docker network

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I use XSane in my X11 environment.

apt install xsane 

You have to pass thru the USB or whatever is connected to the docker container…

Docker - a way to give access to a host USB or serial device? - Stack Overflow

I recommend portainer…this way you have a web gui, you can configure ports and add variables and whatnot and restart/clone the container with ease

There is a tab to edit devices and whatnot…might give that a shot